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K Vamsi Krishna

Academic Status
M.E.(CSE), 2005-07 Batch
Computer Science and Automation,
Indian Institute of Science.

kvamsi82 at yahoo dot co dot in
kvamsi82 at gmail dot com
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Areas of Interest

In CS !

  • Graph Theory
  • Algorithms
  • Compilers


August Semester, 2005

January Semester, 2006

August Semester, 2006

M.E. Project

An Improved Heuristic for Computing Short Integral Cycle Bases, Under the guidence of T.Kavitha, Asst. Prof. (submitted to ACM JEA)

I initially started with Approximation Algorithms for Traveling Salesman Problem but, couldn't make much progress, hence moved to the above problem as suggested by my guide. A small survey I did for this can be found here. The best approximation factors till date (March 2007) to the best of my knowledge can be found here. And a categorized bibiliography can be found here (Table 1 and Table 2).

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