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Pavan, Durgesh
"The Surprise Event"

You think that you have what it takes to succeed in the long run. Have you built all the requisite skills to make you into an all round champion in this slippery world of silicon? Then Triathlon will test your enduring power. You will be put through a series of tasks, much like the Olympians of ancient Greece, though of course these will involve your ability to interact with the box and only the one who excels in all of them will emerge victor and can rightfully claim the glory. The actual tasks will of course be revealed to you only when you enter the game.

  • The teams can have a maximum of two members.
  • We will have a preliminary written round, which will decide the finalists.
  • Ten teams will qualify for the final round.
  • The finals will consist of you doing certain tasks. These will be told to you only at time of the finals.
Decision of the organizers will be final and binding to all.

How to register
  • Entries will be accepted on the spot, anytime before the start of the preliminary round.
  • For exact time of the event look up the schedule page

First Prize: Rs. 5000/-
Second Prize: Rs. 3000/-
Third Prize: Rs. 1000/-

Mangesh Gupte
Himanshu Dhar

Contact ID: contact+triath@showcase.csa.iisc.ernet.in

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