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"The Thought Experiment"

Gedanken Results are out...
Results of Gedanken 2005

1st Prize (Rs. 5000/-)
(Vijay, Amith, Jayakumar)

2nd Prize (Rs. 3000/-)
Pratik Dixit, Hrishi Ganu (ECE@IISc)

3rd Prize (Rs. 1000/-)
(Jay, Tarun, Satish)

Consolation Prizes (T-shirt for every team member of next 3 teams)
  • MIND (recursive acronym for MIND Is Not Dumb)
    (Vinodh, BalaSundaraRaman, Pradeep)
  • Paranoid Androids
    (Thejaswi, Raghavendra, Vijay)
  • Chilre
    (Rajesh, Harish, Subramanya)

Download Final's Question paper NOW!!!

Final round questions (pdf)
Final round questions (ps)
Final round questions (ps.gz)

The results of preliminary round are out. Here is the list of finalists


Gedanken is german for 'thought', and the term was made famous by Albert Einstein who used to carry out gedanken experiments in his great mind. Showcase introduces a new event which provides you with an opportunity to test the strengths of your mind. This theory-based quiz-like competition dares you to push your brain to the limit of its analytical capabilities. So, get ready for this number crunching, logic cracking challenge.

Call for Gedanken

If you have an affinity for mathematics, this is the ideal challenge for you. Some knowledge of discrete mathematics, and basic theoretical Computer Science will be a plus, but is by no means essential. A blend of CS skills and mathematical aptitude will prove to be the ideal tool to crack the questions.

Entry Information(How to register?)
  • Registration for the event will take place on the spot. The teams can have a maximum of three members.
  • Online participants have to register with the central showcase registration site. Questions can be downloaded from gedanken webpage at the given timings and answers in text/pdf/ps/doc format mailed to the coordinator before the deadline. some guidelines for online participation

Selection Procedure

Gedanken has two rounds.
  • In every round, the contesting teams will be given question papers and a deadline to submit answers.
  • Every round is an open round; the contestants are free to search the net, libraries, books or any other source of information.
  • All teams that register before the event starts are allowed to participate in the first round.


First Prize: Rs. 5000/-
Second Prize: Rs. 3000/-
Third Prize: Rs. 1000/-

  • Ever heard of prizes for losers too?? After each round, we distribute gifts to the losing candidates, depending on the questions they have solved so far.
  • And if we feel your answers are the fruits of thought experiments, which are anywhere near the level of excellence of The God, Einstein, you get bonus prizes in final round.
  • The prizes for the online participants in the first round should be collected from IISc, for the rest of the rounds the prizes will be sent to the address of contestants.
  • Decision of the organizers will be final and binding to all.

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PRELIMSMarch 52-3 PM IST(+0530 GMT)
FINALMarch 69-10 AM IST(+0530 GMT)

Depak Bharadwaj
Debmalya Panigrahi
Pavithra Prabhakar
Dharmadeep M C

Contact ID: contact+gedanken@showcase.csa.iisc.ernet.in

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March 5th
2-3 PM IST (+0530 GMT)
March 6th
9-10 AM IST (+0530 GMT)