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"The Live Quiz"

To See winners of Chase click here.
To see winners of Chase


So, you take pride in your Computer Science and IT technical skills? Then Chase is just what you were waiting for!

Chase is Online Quiz composed of multiple choice questions, with only one correct option. This game is composed of multiple rounds. During each round of the game, there is one contestant and all other participants are part of the audience. To select the contestant(Contestant Selection Round), a question is put to all the participants. Participants are required to submit responses within a period of 60 seconds. From all the participants, who submit the correct answer, one is selected to contest for the prize. Contestant is selected using Age-based algorithm and with some randomness too. The selection would be based on the player's age (time spent acting as a participant) and the time taken to send in the response. A Contestant would face a maximum of 30 questions during a round. The Contestant will get questions in increasing order of difficulty as he/she moves along. That is, answering a question correctly will fetch a more difficult question. You can also view snapshot of Chase enviornment.

  • To participate in Chase, you must register with SHOWCASE and then activate your account for CHASE with same email id and password provided to you. This email id will be used for further communication.
  • At any stage only one of the participants can be a contestant. All the other participants are part of the audience. So, when you first login, you start off as a spectator, if there is already a contestant.
  • If the contestant finishes 'The Chase' either because of completing the round(submiting all correct answers) or leaves midway because of an incorrect answer, the new contestant is selected from among the participants in the Contestant Selection Round as detailed above.
  • All participants can view the Questions that are being posted to the Contestant. However only the Contestant can submit answers.
  • To win, the Contestant needs to answer correctly all the 30 questions. Contestant loses on the first incorrect response.
  • There are TWO LIFELINES that the contestant can avail of. These are - Skip a Question (so that a new question is asked); or - Fifty-Fifty (ask the system to remove two wrong choices). He can make use of these lifelines (each only once) during one round.
  • A contestant who has lost out in a previous round can participate again.
  • If more than one participant crosses the prize requirements( answer correctly more than 20 questions, 30 questions), the prize money will be evenly distributed among them.
  • Organisers can add/change any rules without notification.
  • Organisers reserve the right to block any user/IP from participating in the event if need be.
  • Decision of the organizers will be final and binding to all. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  • The organisers are not responsible for delays arising due to failures in the network connectivity or browser incompatibility.
  • If there are some (unexpected) technical snags, the organisers can reschedule/cancel the event.

First prize*: Rs. 5000/- !!
Second prize*: Rs. 3000/- !!
Consolation prize for
those who cross 10 questions:

* - Must have crossed 20 questions

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Pavan Chowdary

Contact ID: contact+chase@showcase.csa.iisc.ernet.in

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Feb. 26, 2005
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