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Ravikant Chaudhary

Who am I? As I said its a million dollor question. Not because there doesn't exist any answer, but because no one(including me) would ever bother to explore the possibility. I am just like any other person in crowd, whom you will never notice and forunately or unforunately I prefer not to get noticed. Anyways since I got this space to put my words and you have taken efforts to come to this page. Here is what I feel "Who I am?".

Born on 3rd April 1983(Why? Me Still Wondering) in Ambala City in Haryana.Wow, the first 10 years of my life were the most beautiful moments. There was nothing special about them, they were simply "beautiful".

Then came the 4 years of engineering. And what I did for 4 years...Ya. Ok. Just wait let me recall. I guess..No. Actually nothing much other than making very few friends for life time and obviously doing my engineering.Anyways from 2000-2004, years I studied in. Those were the crucial years and the toughest days of my life. Those were the days, which thaught me to live life on my one, handle pressure, be tough and doesn't matter how bad things are, keep smiling.I learnt lot of things, and again came across some very good people who eventually became my guide, mentor and friends.

I am currently doing my M.E. in Computer Science Engg. from IISc, Bangalore.