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Nitin Rai
Student, ME (ISE)
Department of Computer Science and Automation,
Indian Institute of Science ,
Bangalore- 560012 (India)
Tata Institue

Contact information
Room No 125, PD block
IISc Hostel,
Indian Institute of Science,


Welcome to my web page. My area of interest covers a portion of network security. It includes Network security policy, Firewall, Cryptography, content scanning and filtering and log analysis. My reaserch interest are Computer Networks, Network Security and Cryptograpy. Presently I am working on Text Analysis. The aim of this project is to deciphering the cipher text using prababilistic and linguistic approach.

Courses taken at IISc as part of ME program

First Semester
1. Discrete Structure
2. Formal Methods in Computer Science
3. Cryptography
4. Operating System

Second Semester
1. Biometric
2. E-Commerce
3. Multimedia Information System
4. Modeling & Simulation
5. Distributed Computer System
Third Semester
1. Data Mining
2. Pattern Recognition

Dissertation Project

Prof. C.E.V. Madhavan

Lab  Crypto Lab

Text Analysis and Cognative Science