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Be who you are and say what you want
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind !!!

Hi it's Monu Agrawal's cyberhome.

Who am I ?

I am a daring, bindaaaaaas boy, trying to survive at dept. of Computer Science & Automation in Indian Institute of Science until I get My M.E. degree. I don't like to be serious at all, even I don't remember when I was serious last time (may be at jan 2004 when I got my result of Ist sem). With full sense of humor, I used to make some bad jokes all the time. I like to make some interesting friends. Huhhhhhh... I am a lazy guy, so I don't want to write more. If you want know more about me, be my friend.

I born on 17th August 1981, 8:48 pm at Harda (Madhya Pradesh) India. I enjoyed my childhood in Harda and Handiya a small town near Harda at the shore of Narmada river. At 1989 we shifted to Piparia. Since my father is a bank officer, we used to migrate from one place to another place after each 2-3 years. From 30 June 1997 to July 2003 I was in Bhopal. Since 28 July 2003, I am in Bangalore.

Official Contact

Personal Contact

Nyaya Lab, Room # 237

Computer Science & Automation

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore-12, INDIA

Ph: 91-80-22932468#237

Room No 1-F-12

New Boy's Hostel

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore-12, INDIA

Ph. 919448255361

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