Mitesh Singh Jat,  Student, ME(ISE),

Department of Computer Science and Automation ,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore- 560012 (India)

Contact information

Room No 2-S-60 , New-Block,
IISc Hostel,
Indian Institute of Science,

Email: mitesh[at]csa[dot]iisc[dot]ernet[dot]in
                                      Courses taken at IISc as part of  ME program

First Semester
          1. Discrete Structure
          2. Formal Methods in Computer Science
          3. Database Management Systems
          4. Operating Systems

Second Semester
          1. Topics in Database Systems
          2. E-Commerce
          3. Topics in Mobile Computing
          4. Distributed Computer System

Third Semester
          1. Embedded Systems
          2. Data Mining

Dissertation Project

Prof. K. Gopinath


Heterogeneity in Wireless LAN: Impact Analysis