Jignashu Parikh

1st year, ME Scholar,
Computer Science and Automoation Department
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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    I is always capital. So here I seize the opportunity to blow my own trumpet! I am currently a student at India's most prestigious and much coveted post-graduation college, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Before joining IISc, I was a research scientist at another great Education and Research Institute, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. I did my graduation from DDIT, Nadiad, Gujarat where by God's grace and Professors' blessings :-), I could top all the disciplines. To know more about my background and achievements, see my Resume [Doc][PDF][PS][TXT].


    I was born on 20th April, 1979 at Ahmedabad. I was brought up at Jamnagar, a town in western Gujarat. Jignashu, literally meaning curious, a person having unquenching thirst for knowledge.


    Ahhh! This is my favourite place. Here I can be myself. When I see myself, I find one more fun-loving guy like many others. The funda of life is- remain happy, by hook or crook!. Anyways you ought to live your life, why not live it happily. My hobbies include making friends, loitering around whenever I can, watching movies, listening songs (anything melodious),etc. I used to do a bit of sketching and painting too...Have tried my hands on almost anything I could. It's a different matter that I am still a jack in most of the things I did.

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    Still in construction like this WebSite!

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    Preferred means of communication- Mail me: jignashu@csa.iisc.ernet.in
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