Girish Motwani

The Journey So Far....

  • 23 years already on the Third Rock from the Sun! Haven't moved around much. Spent the initial eight years in Pune - the city of the Marathas. And then moved on to Mumbai. Its here that I picked up my interest in Hindi Movies and Cricket. Wonderful place Lots of people and energy!. Lived in Mumbai for 14 years. For the past year and a half have been slogging out in IISc Bangalore. This Place is great!


Research Interests

  • Networking
  • Operating Systems


Project Reports

  1. Girish Motwani, Sandhya G, "Search Efficieny In Similarity Indexing Structures",
    Database Course Project,November 2003. ps pdf
  2. Girish Motwani, Parag Sarda, Deepak Patil , " Evaluation of TLB Prefetching Techniques", Course : Computer Architecture November 2002 pdf
  3. Girish Motwani, Parag Sarda, "O.S Fingerprinting Course: Network Security", May, 2003
  4. Girish Motwani, Parag Sarda, "Secure NFS",
    Course : Network Security,March 2003. ps pdf
  • Girish Motwani, Implentation of Ricart Agrawala Algorithm. ", Course : Distributed Computer Systems code+report
  • Girish Motwani, Combining DiskSim and ns-2 ", A portion of ME-Project
  • Contact Information

    Computer Architecture and Systems Lab,
    Department of Computer Science & Automation,
    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012
    Ph: +91 80 2932368 Ext 105
    girish at csa dot iisc dot ernet dot in

    Hostel Address:
    New Hostel
    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012
    Ph: +91 80 3942433
    Cell: +91 9845487958