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This site was created as a part of the Network Programming course and most of the work I did then can be found on the Network Programming Page

My Geek Code (v3.1):
GCS/IT d- s+: a-- C++ UL++++ P+>++ L++>++++$ E-(+) W++ N++ o? K? w O? M V? PS PE++ Y+ PGP+ t 5? X+ R-(+) tv-@ b+ DI+ D+ G++ e++>++++ h+ !r !y

M.E. Computer Science & Engineering
Dept. of Computer Science & Automation
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012
mail: gaurav at csa dot iisc dot ernet dot in
mail: malhotrag at gmail dot com
phone: +91 9886262439
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last modified: December 23, 2004
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