Arise, awake,
 sleep no more;
 within each of
 you there is the
 power to
 remove all wants
 and all miseries.
 Believe this, and
 that power will
 be manifested.

I successfully defended my thesis in December 2008 and have joined DA-IICT as a visiting faculty from January to July 2009. My new webpage is accessible here.

Before that, I was a research student pursuing my M.Sc.(Engg.) under the supervision of Dr. L. Sunil Chandran in the Department of Computer Science and Automation at the Indian Institute of Science.

Currently, I am focussing on the edge complexity of Locally Gabriel Graphs and on geometric dimensions of graphs like cubicity, sphere-of-influence dimension, boxicity.

Please note that most of the quotes on this site are borrowed from elsewhere.