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Chandrashekar T.S.

Doctoral student
Research Advisor: Prof. Y.Narahari
Electronic Enterprises Labaratory
Department of Computer Science and Automation
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, INDIA.


Work Experience

Working on real life supply chain problems, as a researcher and then in the trenches, with shop floor engineers, designers, purchasing & logistics professionals, IT specialists, economists, and financial controllers among others, has allowed me to osmotically imbibe skills to both anticipate myriad viewpoints and synthesize interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. For a quick summary of projects that I led and participated in, go here. I believe that this interdisciplinary experience continues to inform and guide my research, as you will see below.

Research Interests

I started my research when private and consortium based e-marketplaces were occupying the space vacated by public e-marketplaces, to work on automated negotiation mechanisms to be incorporated in software applications for Electronic Procurement. Since these applications are essentially "market making" efforts, a microeconomic analysis of market making models is a natural way of looking at these problems. However, because of compressions in time and space of market making efforts brought about by Internet based e-marketplaces, a traditional microeconomic viewpoint needs to be augmented with an algorithmic viewpoint because engineering computationally efficient applications is a valid implementation concern. Along the way, I realized that the kind of problems that I was studying and aiming to work on had a more general flavour and interdisciplinary research on Algorithmic Game Theory (= Game Theory + Design of Algorithms) within the TCS community began to interest me. I moved on!

The recurring theme in many of these research problems, spanning across different domains, is to resolve the tension between incentive issues arising out of game theoretic analysis, efficiency concerns in the face of limited computational resources, and scalability issues posed by large distributed systems where many of these problems are anticipated. For a more detailed statement of my research goals, see here.

Internships, Awards, Ranks and Scholarships


  1. "Auction based Mechanisms for Electronic Procurement", with Y Narahari, Charles Rosa, Devdatta Kulkarni, and Jeffrey D Tew, communicated to IEEE,T-ASE.

  2. "Corporate Restructuring: Crompton Greaves and the Challenge of Globalisation", with John Humphrey, Raphael Kaplinsky, Prasad V. Saraph, Narayan Rangaraj, and Datta Kulkarni, Sage Publications, March 1999.

  3. Research Reports to General Motors based on the IMPROVE (Innovative Market for Procurement from Vendors) project with Y Narahari.

  4. "Integrated Production Distribution Systems", with K. Jain, 22nd Conference of the Operational Research Society of India, 1994, at IIM, Calcutta.

  5. "Integrated Materials Management Systems: A Simulation based analysis of integrated production distribution systems", Masters Thesis, IIT-Bombay, 1995.

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