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Nov 16:I wrote a script to change proxies automatically without intervension. Its available here. You can put this URL at the automatic proxy configuration URL field in your firefox, mozilla, opera or IE and press load. It will use SERC proxy whenever possible, otherwise will use ECE proxy.

Nov 04: I got few reports that my webpage is not rendered correctly in IE. Well I found nothing wrong in the web pages. I think it's caused because IE is not fully standards complient yet. Use standard complient browsers (Ex:Firefox) only, like me :-).

Sep 28: Now I experimented a little bit on linear hashing. Here are the results.

Aug 18: Well by this time my can find the key in a few seconds given only the encrypted file using the vigenere cipher algorith. You can use my program for that. Please note that I am not very familiar with perl, so these programs may not be the most efficient ones for their purposes. If you know better please send me your suggestions, patches etc to me.

Aug 16: Now Cryptanalysis fascinates me. I just created a program for encrypting any text message. It's available here. My current work is on creating an automated program that can decipher the original message given only the cipher text. Lets see how far I can progress....

Aug 15: I tried my luck by attempting to convert .mht files to its component files so that I can view them on my mozilla. But apparently microsoft is using some weird format .... It doesn't seem to be html at all. So I didn't succeed in my aim, but succeeded in extracting the content files of these .mht files. You can get my program here.

Aug 14: The HTML of the solution was generated by a simple perl program I wrote just for this purpose. It's available here and the original solution file is available here.

Here is a utility written for me that pops up and says whenever I have unread mails in any of the folders specified.

Aug 13: Wow, I bumped on a fascinating site. The one by Paul Graham

Aug 12: Hey here is an interesting program and my SOLUTION! to the problem. Compile and run these before you decide anything on it.

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